All A-Board for Holiday Travel!

All A-Board for Holiday Travel!

Got travel plans this holiday season? Here are a few things to put on your to-do list before departure, whether you’re boarding your pet or taking fido on the road:

• Make sure vaccinations are current. Interstate and international travel may mean your pet will need health certificates. These require up-to-date vaccinations, as do most boarding facilities, including ours.

• Like most kennels, we also ask that pets be parasite-free. This not only includes fleas but can also mean a recent negative fecal test for worms. Proof of parasite testing may also be necessary to obtain a health certificate, depending on where you’re going.

• Exercise your dog before departure or drop-off. Activity helps relieve anxiety and keeps your pet from getting restless in the car or kennel. Once on the road, it’s a good idea to stop every couple of hours to give your dog a break.

• When on the road, please secure your animal companion safely in a carrier or with a barrier between you and where they travel! Having your pet in your lap or in a place where they can access you while you’re driving is dangerous for both of you.

And one more word of advice: if you’re planning to board with us, reservations for the busy holiday season are already starting to fill up, so call as soon as your plans are set. We offer clean, comfy, climate-controlled accommodations with plenty of one-on-one attention and playtime for your pet. Because we’re veterinarian-supervised, our boarding facilities are great for senior pets and those with medical and special needs as well.

To book your pet’s boarding reservation or to make an appointment for vaccinations and health certificates, call us at 404-255-8522.


Curbside Care For Your Protection - Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs

We are now requiring that all pets be picked up at the curb for their appointments and client interactions with our staff will take place via telephone, email or curbside.

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