The Copperheads are Coming!


Those slithery serpents known as copperheads will be more abundant in our area this time of year, as these creatures are more active in the hotter seasons and love to bask in the sun and get some rays. Be on the lookout when you’re adventuring outdoors and keep your doggie close—canines can often get bitten by these snakes in the face or legs.

If this unfortunate incident occurs, try to keep your pet as quiet and still as possible—movement spreads copperhead venom throughout the body. Also avoid using a tourniquet or administering at-home medication, and please seek veterinary care immediately so we can apply antivenin to counter the poison’s effects.

When you do venture outdoors, try to remain on designated paths with your dog leashed and remember to keep an eye out for copperheads and other snakes.

For more information, contact Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs at (404) 991-2943.