Got A Scaredy-Cat? We Can Help!

If you can’t remember the last time you took your cat to the vet, you’re not alone: statistics show that cats see the vet about half as often as dogs. One of the main reasons pet owners cite for not taking their cat in? Their pets hate it—often they’re so fearful they can be very hard to handle.

At AHSS, we take special care to reduce stress on cats when they come to see us. We have a separate entrance and exam rooms for kitties and utilize many Fear Free protocols and procedures to help minimize anxiety.

Additionally, there are things you can do prior to arrival to make things easier on your pet.

Reducing fear of the carrier by having it out and open in the house for your cat to explore, not chasing your pet when it’s time to go, and putting a cat-pheromone-scented towel over the carrier will help.

For more help wrangling a reluctant feline or to make an appointment for your pet, call us at (404) 991-2943.