Keep Your Pet’s Vaccines Updated

Vaccinations are Your Pet’s – and Our Community’s – Best Shot at Good Health.

With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing families to shelter-in-place, we’ve noticed that many of our patients are overdue for crucial vaccines that protect them against deadly diseases like distemper, parvo, and rabies.

These vaccines are essential for your pet’s health and for maintaining the overall wellness of our local pet population. We’re concerned that if such core vaccinations aren’t brought up to date, we could have an outbreak of another order – meaning a rash of very serious, and preventable, illness.

We’re especially concerned about this possibility because we’ve seen pet adoptions skyrocket during this pandemic. That’s great news, of course, but pandemic puppies and COVID cats need to be vaccinated, too. We’re here to help.

If your best friend needs a core vaccination, call 404-255-8522 to request an appointment or book one online. Together, we can keep our community safe!


We are still requiring that all pets be picked up at the curb for their appointments.

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