Parasites Won’t Stop Being Parasites

We can’t push the importance of parasite preventative enough. Cases of parasites – such as heartworm – are occurring more and more throughout the year, not just during the hot and muggy summer season. And Georgia is one of the most vulnerable, specifically to heartworm.

Every three years, the American Heartworm Society does a study across the country, marking the number of heartworm incidents that came about at reporting veterinary hospitals that year. The more cases, the darker the area, and Georgia has consistently been among the darkest states. The most recent study saw anywhere from 26 to over 100 cases in the Atlanta area alone.

These are not good odds for your pet, but luckily there are ways to protect your pet—specifically, preventative medication. And while it is possible to try to treat the heartworm, providing your furry friend with a preliminary defense is incredibly cheaper and avoids any long-term consequences that could spring from the near inevitability of this over-populated parasite.

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