Dr. Mireya Smith

Associate Veterinarian

For as long as she could remember, Dr. Mireya Smith wanted to be a veterinarian. She grew up with a yellow Labrador retriever (making her particularly fond of the retriever breed) and every time her family dog was taken to the veterinarian, Dr. Smith would tag along and ask as many questions as she could. She also took an active role in giving medications and generally caring for her family dog. She also co-started a (short-lasting) pet-sitting service for pets in her neighborhood. Dr. Smith’s love for animals put her on the track for veterinary medicine at a very young age!

Dr. Smith moved to Kennesaw before she started third grade. She is a University of Georgia “Double Dawg”, meaning she has two degrees from UGA: her undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, which she received in 2018. Dr. Smith is very excited to begin her veterinary career at Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs!

Dr. Smith and her fiancé have two yellow Labradors at home: Willie and Missa. Dr. Smith raised Willie as a Guide Dog in Training during her first year and a half of veterinary school. Willie was sent to New York and graduated as both a Service Dog and Guide Dog but was retired early and returned home to Dr. Smith. Shortly before Willie’s graduation from the Guide Dog Foundation, Missa was adopted. Since Willie’s return home, both dogs have become the best of friends. When Dr. Smith isn’t spending time with her fiancé or pets, she enjoys knitting, baking, watching Netflix, and reading a good book.


We are still requiring that all pets be picked up at the curb for their appointments.

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