The Case of Reid, the Hypercalcemia Kitty

Why Blood Work is Essential

Some pet parents choose to opt out of basic blood work during their animal companion’s wellness exams, especially when their pet is young and, to all appearances, seems healthy. But, skipping this crucial step in preventative care, for pets at any age, could mean that serious and sometimes fatal diseases could go undetected.  Take the case of Reid for example –  a three-year-old neutered cat who presented as a healthy young feline until blood tests showed something very different…

The Case of Reid the Hypercalcemia Kitty - Animal Hospital of Sandy SpringsReid’s family brought him to Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs for a routine wellness check recently and, in the interest of being proactive, decided to have our team conduct a complete blood screen. The results showed that Reid’s blood contained elevated calcium levels. A follow-up test confirmed that this was the case, and our team was able to diagnose him with hypercalcemia, which if left untreated, can cause renal failure, cardiac arrhythmias, bladder stones, chronic gastrointestinal issues, and even neuromuscular abnormalities.

Reid was asymptomatic at the time, meaning that he did not present with any noticeable symptoms of the disease. His family though that he was perfectly healthy and if they had skipped the blood panel, it’s very possible that the hypercalcemia could have progressed, wreaking havoc on his health and well-being. Because of the proactive decision for a full blood panel work-up, Reid’s family was able to work with our medical team on a comprehensive treatment plan that should give Reid and his family many more years together.

At Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs, we offer several types of blood screenings and what your veterinarian may recommend depends on your pet’s age and/or what symptoms they may or may not present. If you have questions or concerns regarding your pet’s health and want to discuss diagnostics options with our team, give us a call today at  404-255-8522 or request an appointment online today.

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