Treating Skin Allergies

If your pet is always itching, licking their paws or chewing on their coat, there’s a good chance they have skin allergies. Skin allergies are often caused by flea allergies, food allergies and environmental allergies—to treat skin allergies, you must first figure out what’s causing them.

Start by looking for fleas. If you suspect a flea problem, wash all fabrics in your home and vacuum thoroughly. We also highly encourage all of our clients to administer flea medication to pets, especially this time of year.

If the itching doesn’t appear to be caused by a flea allergy, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to rule out issues like mange and ringworm. Then, we may recommend an elimination diet to see if your pet has a food allergy. You may have to try many types of food, so this can be a lengthy process. Both skin tests and blood tests can be used to diagnose environmental allergies and your Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs veterinarian can talk to you about the best option for your pet.

If your pet is already on flea preventative, consider other options. At Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs, our grooming services include baths with medicated shampoos, which may be able to provide relief for your best friend.

We also offer CYTOPOINT, which is an innovative new therapy that can help control itching at its source for 1-2 months with each injection.

Treatments will vary depending on the cause of the allergies, but we will work with you and your pet to come up with a viable solution. For more information on these therapies, please contact us at 470-419-8259 or request an appointment online.


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