Small Dog Socialization

Opening Tuesday January 16, 2018!

If your dog could talk, he or she would probably tell you that they’d like more playtime! That’s why this month, we will be opening a new, expanded exercise and socialization area at our hospital for dogs 45 lbs. and under!

We limit the play groups to 15 dogs, allowing for individual attention from our trained staff—and unlike most doggy daycare facilities, there is always a veterinarian on site to take care of any needs your pet has while they’re socializing. You can add a play date to a boarding stay, a grooming visit, or as part of a drop-off vet appointment, provided your pet can play nice with others. *

Playdates are available Monday through Saturday during business hours. If you have questions or want to schedule your pet for some social time, call us at 404-255-8522.

*Temperament evaluation required prior to first playdate.