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    Spring is Breaking Out…All Over Your Pet
  • Spring is Breaking Out…All Over Your Pet

  • Because Spring is primetime for pet allergies, we wanted to put the spotlight on the fact that, just like you, pets can have adverse reactions to the environment. Have you noticed your pet itching more as the weather warms? Maybe you’ve watched your best friend wheezing or suffering through a runny nose this time of year. Like humans, pets can be allergic to grass, dust, pollen and other environmental allergens. Symptoms of allergies in pets are similar to ours and … read more

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  • Don’t Let Your Dog Go Viral!

  • Over the past few years you’ve probably heard about the continuing outbreaks of canine influenza (CIV) throughout the country. It’s a highly contagious virus and so far this year, 46 states including Georgia have confirmed cases of the disease. When infected, dogs experience fever, coughing, sneezing and a general unwell feeling. In elderly dogs and those with compromised immune systems, CIV can lead to secondary infections and even death. There are two highly contagious strains of the virus—H3N2 and H3N8—and no dog … read more

  • Importance of Year Round Parasite Control
  • Parasites Won’t Stop Being Parasites

  • We can’t push the importance of parasite preventative enough. Cases of parasites – such as heartworm – are occurring more and more throughout the year, not just during the hot and muggy summer season. And Georgia is one of the most vulnerable, specifically to heartworm. Every three years, the American Heartworm Society does a study across the country, marking the number of heartworm incidents that came about at reporting veterinary hospitals that year. The more cases, the darker the area, and Georgia has … read more

  • Get Fit With Your Pet!

  • Just like humans, overweight pets are more likely to develop diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, joint injuries, and cancer. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight. So now that you have the stats, here are some tips to help you and your favorite four-legged workout partner get fit together: Measure your pet’s food to make sure you’re not overfeeding Try interval walking/jogging with your dog instead of just … read more

  • 2022: Resolve to Get a Well-Behaved Doggo!

  • If you’re looking to start the new year off on the right paw with your pet, here are a few basic dog training tips to help you both have a better new year. Got a problem barker? It’s a pretty common issue, but you’ve got to be consistent and patient if you want to make it stop. First, yelling back at your dog just makes him think you’re joining in on the fun. Instead. Calmly say “Quiet!” and reward your pet … read more

  • Winter Paws For Food Drive

  • We believe that the holidays are a season of giving, and so we’re asking our generous and caring clients and friends to donate to our Paws For Food Drive! Now through January, we’ll be collecting pet food for the Community Assistance Center for Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. We’re asking for your donations of unopened bags, cans, and boxes of dog and cat food and treats. You can drop them off in the bin outside our hospital, and we’re also happy … read more

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