Dental Care

Dental Care

Your pet’s world revolves around its mouth.

Regular dental care is essential for keeping your pet healthy and happy. Dental disease is a common issue among household pets that can lead to serious health problems if left untreated. Periodic dental exams help maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent future complications.

Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs offers complete pet Oral Health Services, features include:

  • Annual Dental Cleanings
  • Preventative Dental Care
  • Advanced Oral Surgery

Our dental procedures involve the following:

  • Oral and pre-anesthetic exam by doctor
  • Blood and urine testing to make sure there are no organ problems that could interfere with anesthesia
  • IV catheter and fluids
  • Anesthesia monitoring – including EKG, pulse ox, carbon dioxide monitoring, blood pressure, respiratory rate. We also use an advanced warming system to maintain temperature.
  • Dental radiographs to help look at roots and bone structure
  • Scaling and polishing

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