Cardiology Services


Cardiology Care at Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs

The Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs is proud to offer specialized cardiology care as part of our comprehensive range of veterinary services. Understanding the importance of heart health in pets, we have partnered with Southeast Veterinary Cardiology (SEVC) to bring expert cardiological consultations and treatments directly to our clinic. Leading our cardiology service is Dr. Brandon Pogue, DVM, DACVIM, a board-certified cardiologist with a wealth of experience and a passion for enhancing the quality of life for pets with heart conditions.

Our Cardiology Services Include:

  • Echocardiography: Dr. Pogue performs echocardiograms using the GE Vivid iq, the newest generation of portable cardiac-specific ultrasound. This approach ensures that each patient receives a real-time, thorough examination and diagnosis of heart conditions.
  • In-Person Consultations: Dr. Pogue offers the unique advantage of in-person consultations at the time of the echocardiogram. This immediate discussion of results and interpretations with the primary care veterinarian allows for direct guidance on the management of cardiac diseases.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Following each consultation, a detailed written report is provided. This report includes the diagnosis, an in-depth overview of the disease, client education materials, treatment plans, and follow-up recommendations, all designed to facilitate clear communication with pet owners.

Why Choose Us for Cardiology Care?

Choosing the Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs for your pet’s cardiology needs means access to top-tier, board-certified expertise without the wait or uncertainty often associated with telemedicine. Our partnership with Dr. Pogue and SEVC underscores our commitment to providing immediate, accurate, and personalized cardiac care, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your pet.

About Dr. Pogue

Dr. Pogue’s journey in veterinary medicine began at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, where he received his DVM in 2008. His dedication to cardiology led him to Purdue University for a small animal internship, followed by a rigorous three-year cardiology residency at the University of Florida. Since becoming board-certified in cardiology in 2012, Dr. Pogue has been a cornerstone of the veterinary cardiology community in Georgia, living in Alpharetta with his family.

With a clinical interest in echocardiography, particularly in congenital heart disease and canine cardiomyopathies, Dr. Pogue has been instrumental in developing thriving cardiology programs. His mission is to provide accurate, personal, and timely consultations to our veterinary community, supporting local veterinarians in delivering the highest level of cardiac care.

Schedule a Cardiology Consultation

If your pet has been diagnosed with a heart condition, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brandon Pogue at the Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs. Together, we strive to support the heart health of pets in our community, offering a level of care that reflects the latest advancements in veterinary cardiology.